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)mama Button Dress

Description:  Long Jacket . Straight Long Sleeves Hands . Side Pocket  and  Custom made )MAMA wood Buttons. Colour: Brown, Purple Size: Large Fabric: Cotton Hand Wash

)MAMA Full Dress

Description: Custom Made Full Dress . Flare Hands . Beads on Neck. Colour : Yellow, Red, Green. Size: Large Hand Wash Fabric: Embroidered linen    

)MAMA Panno Dress

Description: Custom Full Panno Dress with Puff Hands , Neck and Beads Round Neck Colour: Yellow , Brown , Green Size:Large Fabric: Cotton , Silk Hands. Hand Wash  

)MAMA Three-Quarters Dress

Description: Three-Quarters Dress . Two Times Cut in Flare Dress. Beads Neck.  Puff Hands  .Linen Silk Hands Colour :Green, Purple. Size: Large Fabric: Linen. Silk Hands Hand Wash

2  Step Neck Dress

Description: Three Quarters Dress. Lace and Pleated  Hands . Flare.  Beads Neck . 2  Step Neck. Colour : Orange, Red Size: Large Fabric: Linen. Hand Wash

Boat Neck Dress

Description: Full Straight Dress.Boat Neck, Short Sleeves. Two Side Pockets. Colour :Brown, Yellow Size: Medium Fabric: Sack Linen Hand Wash

Custom )MAMA Flare Dress

Description: Custom )MAMA Flare Dress . Puffed Hands . Lace  and Beads Round Neck. Colour :Red, Orange. Size: Large Fabric : Linen and Hand made of Silk Hand Wash    

Custom )MAMA Jacket

Description: Custom )MAMA Jacket . Coat Hands . Colour : Green,Blue Size: Large Fabric: Embroidered linen. Hand Wash    

Custom )MAMA Jacket

Description: Custom Jacket. Special Design . Long Sleeve Hands. Colour : Green Size: Medium Fabric: Linen Hand Wash  

Custom Cut Shoulder Flare Dress.

Description: Straight Flare  Dress . Custom Cut Shoulder Flare. V-Neck with Beads . Flare Sleeves . Colour : Blue, Black. Size: Large Fabric: Cotton Hand Wash    

Design Nayak Jacket

Description: Custom Nayak Jacket. Coat Hands . Special Design Colour : Green , Brown Size: Medium Fabric: Linen Hand Wash

Full Flare Straight Dress

Description: Full Flare Straight Dress. Custom Beaded Boat Neck, Puff Sleeves. Ɔmama Custom. Colour :Blue. Green. Size: Large Fabric: Linen Hand Wash