The Launch of OMAMA custom fabrics by NAYAK AFRIK under the theme The Revival of Dignified African Dress must make every African and lovers of Afrocentric fashion proud.Whilst many trained designers can sketch, illustrate, cut, drape and fit, it is the distinct look of fabrics and accessories produced locally that help showcase the originality in fashion design of each nation.

Professional photographer cum culture explorer Steve Ababio notes that “too many Africans take our natural environment and creative designs for granted. It is only when most people travel abroad and see the value that foreigners place on what we have that they realize we are literally sitting on gold.”The Trade Fair Centre which has become inactive, but for a few persistent enterprises, revisited its lost glory on Saturday as it hosted The Revival of Dignified African Dress to Launch OMAMA by NAYAK AFRIK.Arts, culture and tourism professionals, business executives, media and fashionistas witnessed a gorgeous fashion show as a range of distinct African fabrics designed and painstakingly hand-dyed by proud Ghanaian artisans was launched at Pavilion Q.

The range includes colourful high quality cotton, linen, silk and stretch suiting fabrics for all the family.Nana Yaa Konadu and her team worked hard to achieve a distinct look and feel for their colourful range of fabrics, fittingly named OMAMA by Media, Culture and Fashion icon Kwasi Kyei Darkwah.See the beautiful range of Ghanaian-designed OMAMA custom fabrics by NAYAK AFRIK at Trade Fair Pavilion Q.Get a sneak peak right here, right now:


Culture is characterized by the beliefs, mores, ceremonies, accepted practices and behaviour of a particular social, ethnic, or age group. It is modified over time with the exigencies of society and economy as it is passed on as heritage from one generation to another.

Tradition is the handing down by word of mouth, record or practice the learned customs, beliefs and practices of forebears, legends, and information for survival, preservation of society and habitat, ceremony and decorum from generation to generation.

The designs and production processes of NAYAK AFRIK are beautiful expressions of expert artisans and the colourful culture and tradition of Ghana.


You may call it the craze, fad, fancy, latest style or taste, mania, mode, rage, trend or vogue. Whatever name you call it by, FASHION is the prevailing style in dress; the overall look in clothing and accessories from head to toe during a particular time.
Fashion is characterized by a prevailing peculiar or distinctive way of dress and the manner in which it is worn for social standing, prominence, beauty and acceptance.

OMAMA Custom Fabrics by NAYAK AFRIK inspire and empower arbiters of culture, style and beauty to spearhead and promote fashion for the times we are in. The range of colours and textures present the design-oriented, the stealth-wealthy, the classic sartorially inclined and the bold fashionista with unlimited choices to bring the beauty and elegance of their imagination to life.